The exhibition, co-organised by the Eugenides Foundation and the General State Archives, aims to underline the role of the merchant and warship fleet in the successful outcome of the Greek War of Independence.  Through the presentation of archival documents and historical museum objects as well as digital applications, the exhibition follows the events from the pre-revolutionary years until the Battle of Navarino in 1827.

Visitors have the opportunity to see archives, documents and objects from the General State Archives collection, the largest collection of archival material about the War of Independence. Documents and objects have also been kindly loaned by the Archivio di Stato di Napoli and the family collection of Dimitris and Androniki Kostopoulos.

Innovative digital applications complete the visitor experience. The Battle of Navarino is represented through digital models and virtual walkthroughs on historic ships, developed by the NAVS Project team under the guidance of the School of Naval Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Eugenides Foundation. The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IPTIL) also created digital and virtual applications as part of the EPANASTASIS 1821 Project.

The Scientific co-ordinator of the exhibition is Mr. Nikos Karapidakis, President of the General State Archives and Professor of History. The exhibition script and texts made by the Historical research advisor of the Exhibition Mrs. Gelina Harlaftis, Director of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (IMs-FORTH) and Professor of Maritime History. The impressive exhibition setting was designed and constructed by “Architectonofilia”. The original score of the exhibition “Thus death lost sovereignty” is composed by electronic music composer Dimitris Petsetakis.

The exhibition will open on 9.06.2021 and last until 29.05.2022 at the Eugenides Foundation

The VR applications can be used by visitors over 13 years old.

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00-20:00, up to 15 people, on guided tour. Sunday & Monday closed.

Free admission and guided tours. Guided tours in English can be arranged upon prior request.

Exhibition text, labels and interactive material available in Greek and English.

Booking essential for visit: To book your slot, please call  210 9469641 (Mon-Fri 9:30-16:30). 

The Eugenides Foundation premises are accessible to people with restricted mobility and/or disability. Guide dogs for are welcome. Should you require interpretation in Greek Sign Language or Lip Reading, please let us know in advance: text message (SMS) to 6985 903381 or e-mail:

The Eugenides Foundation operates with strict accordance to Public Health Authority Guidelines, and takes all relevant health and safety measures. Please note the following rules of visit:

-Use of a protective mask is mandatory on the premises of the Eugenides Foundation and throughout your visit.

-Upon arrival, all visitos have their temperature measured via contactless equipment

-Visitors are required to keep the designated 2-meter distance at all times.

-Maximum number of visitors per guided tour is 15

-Visitors are stronlgy advised to adhere to hand hygiene standards. Liquid hand antiseptic is available on the premises of the Foundation.