Discover the shining stars of the Christmas sky!

What is a constellation? What do the shining stars formations mean? Can I project a constellation on a wall in my room? How can I decorate a Christmas ball with constellations and galaxies? In this online workshop we study and project constellations!

Using simple materials, we will make a constellation projector and decorate our Christmas balls with constellations and galaxies! Children will become acquainted with basic principles of Astronomy in a fun way!

Get the necessary materials, download and print the necessary file here, prepare your working space and let’s view Christmas constellations.

You'll need:

  1. 1 toilet paper roll (without paper)
  2. 1 glue stick
  3. 1 liquid craft glue
  4. 1 green and 1 red marker (optional)
  5. 1 permanent black marker
  6. 1 correcting fluid
  7. 1 pair of scissors
  8. 1 ruler
  9. 1 pencil
  10. 1 piece of red or green cardboard
  11. 1 white sheet of paper
  12. 1 pin
  13. 1 plastic rubber band
  14. Flashlight from a mobile phone
  15. 2 one-colored Christmas balls
  16. Silver and gold glitter

Only one computer with internet connection is required to participate in the workshop.

Reservation is required at 210 9469641, Monday to Friday, 9:30-16:30, as well as completing the application form/formal declaration and sending it to


After confirming the reservation, you will receive an email with the link and the relevant instructions for direct connection to the workshop. The workshops are conducted through the Microsoft Teams online platform.

Adult supervision is required.