• DESCRIPTION – Electronic (Online) Ticketing
  • Electronic (Online) Ticketing – Payment Methods – Transaction Currency
  • Purchase Confirmation
  • Ticket Delivery Policy
  • Proof of Completion of Transaction
  • Returns and Cancellation Policy
  • Transaction Security
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Personal Data Protection
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DESCRIPTION – Electronic (Online) Ticketing

The use of the online ticket service through the Eugenides Foundation (EF) Website implies full knowledge and acceptance of these terms, the Terms of Use of the Website, the EF’s general Terms of Use and the privacy-protection policy as published/updated at any time on the EF’s Website and that are in force.

The online ticket service has been created to serve you quickly and efficiently. The following terms are intended to help you understand your ticket purchase process, your obligations and your rights towards the EF. If you have any questions, please contact us. The terms of electronic ticket issuance include the Terms of Use of the Website. Every ticket you buy constitutes a license to watch a particular show and is subject to additional terms that may appear on the ticket.

Electronic (Online) Ticketing – Payment Methods – Transaction Currency

Payment for products and services available through the EF Website is made exclusively by the User’s credit and/or debit card. Transactions are conducted exclusively in euros (€, EUR). The EF reserves the right to change prices without notice.

The user may be issued tickets online through the Website ( by using: a) credit, debit and prepaid Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners cards; and b) the electronic wallet MasterPass.

The EF Website Terms of Use

Purchase Confirmation

If you do not receive a confirmation message from the Website after sending your personal details to complete your payment, or if an error message appears or service interruption occurs during transmission, it is your responsibility to contact the EF in order to find out whether your transaction was completed or not. The EF does not accept any liability for financial or other loss if, for whatever reason, you do not receive purchase and payment confirmation.

Ticket Delivery Policy

Tickets are delivered via email to the email address you have indicated during the online purchase process.

When you arrive at the EF, the ticket you received at your email address when the transaction was completed must be presented, either printed or on your mobile device, to the responsible employee.

Proof of Completion of Transaction

The customer may print or store the receipt of completion of the financial transaction displayed on the screen, as well as send a screenshot or electronic PDF file of this record. This receipt is NOT your entry ticket. Entry to the EF’s activities requires the submission of the electronic ticket.

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Tickets purchase:

Before buying your tickets, make sure that you have chosen the right day / time / event for your visit, as after the completion of your transaction it is possible to refund or change the date of your tickets only under certain conditions:
More specifically:

  1. i) Cancellations of tickets and refunds are possible only in case of a technical problem or cancellation of the performance of the Planetarium or cancellation of your entry to the Foundation’s Science and Technology Center due to a fault of the Eugenides Foundation fault. In these cases, the cancellation of the ticket is possible either with a refund (where the EF is charged with the transaction costs) or with a replacement for another Planetarium show or another day of visit to the Science and Technology Center of the EF upon availability.
  2. ii) Some events may be canceled or postponed due to a force majeure (i.e. pandemic). In this case, the EF will try to contact you in order to inform you about the process of re-issuing your tickets for an alternative Planetarium show or for another date for your visit to the EF Science and Technology Center.

iii) Tickets that have been lost, stolen or damaged, as well as requests for a refund of the ticket value which are received after the start of the event are not covered.

  1. iv) In case of an online laboratory or an online demonstration of experiments where the tickets-receipts for the provision of services are charged with VAT, the cancellation of the participation with refund of the ticket value is covered only if the event is canceled due to EF’s fault. Tickets-receipts for services that have been lost, stolen or damaged are not covered.

Transaction Security

All card payments and the User’s personal data (card/account numbers) are processed through Alpha Bank’s Alpha e-Commerce electronic payment platform, which uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol.

All transactions made through the Eugenides Foundation’s Website are governed by International and European laws that regulate e-commerce issues, as well as the Consumer Protection Act regulating long-distance sales.

The EF retains User contact information for the sole purpose of sending updates about its activities and to send tickets/confirmations and receipts. Terms of Use are accepted during the transaction.

Prior to advancing to the bank payment page, the customer is required to accept the Terms of Use of the Website.

Limitation of Liability

All transactions made through the Eugenides Foundation’s Website are governed by International and European laws that regulate e-commerce issues, as well as the Consumer Protection Act regulating long-distance sales.

The EF is not liable to Users for damages that may arise from non-execution or inadequate execution of their order and reserves its full rights over the availability of places in cases of force majeure. In any case, the EF will take all reasonable steps to inform Users in good time about the unavailability of their reservations. The EF is not responsible for any unavailability of its electronic system, nor does it guarantee the uninterrupted, accurate and error-free provision of this service.

Personal Data Protection

In order to provide services to Users, the EF retains and processes a database of User personal details for this exclusive reason and when necessary. The Eugenides Foundation retains User contact information only in order send updates about its activities and to send tickets, transaction confirmations and receipts.

By using the service you explicitly accept the retention and processing of such a personal detail database for this purpose and you unreservedly agree to it. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy - Personal Data Protection.

Declaration of Consent

Use of the electronic ticket service entails the User’s unconditional consent to receive in whatever technical way (email, SMS, etc.) messages regarding the issue of his/her ticket.

Contact information

In order to communicate with us, please contact:


387 Syngrou Avenue, Paleo Faliro, Athens 17564

tel.: (+30) 210-9469642 and reservations tel.: (+30) 210-9469641 (Monday to Friday, 09.30 to 16.30)


Other Provisions

To the extent permitted by law and given the nature and extent of the Internet, the EF may not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any form of damages a User may suffer from using the pages, services and content of, which he/she visits on his/her own initiative and having full knowledge of the relevant Terms of Use.

Use of the services offered by implies and presupposes the full and unconditional acceptance of the relevant Terms.

The present general Terms of Use, the Website Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy are governed by Greek law. Any dispute of these terms is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.

The EF reserves the right to modify the content or services included in its Website, as well as all Terms of Use, whenever this is deemed necessary and without prior notice. We encourage you to check our Website at regular intervals so that you may be informed of any such changes.