1. The purchase of one ticket admits ONLY one (1) person.
  2. The purchase of tickets for advertising or commercial purposes is not allowed without the written permission of the Eugenides Foundation (EF).
  3. Only tickets available through official points of sale are considered valid.
  4. No entry is allowed to the Planetarium or the Science and Technology Centre to holders of tickets with dates and times different to the current date and time.
  5. Tickets purchase:

    Before buying your tickets, make sure that you have chosen the right day / time / event for your visit, as after the completion of your transaction it is possible to refund or change the date of your tickets only under certain conditions:

    More specifically:

    1. i) Cancellations of tickets and refunds are possible only in case of a technical problem or cancellation of the performance of the Planetarium or cancellation of your entry to the Foundation’s Science and Technology Center due to a fault of the Eugenides Foundation fault. In these cases, the cancellation of the ticket is possible either with a refund (where the EF is charged with the transaction costs) or with a replacement for another Planetarium show or another day of visit to the Science and Technology Center of the EF upon availability.
    2. ii) Some events may be canceled or postponed due to a force majeure (i.e. pandemic). In this case, the EF will try to contact you in order to inform you about the process of re-issuing your tickets for an alternative Planetarium show or for another date for your visit to the EF Science and Technology Center.

    iii) Tickets that have been lost, stolen or damaged, as well as requests for a refund of the ticket value which are received after the start of the event are not covered.

    1. iv) In case of an online laboratory or an online demonstration of experiments where the tickets-receipts for the provision of services are charged with VAT, the cancellation of the participation with refund of the ticket value is covered only if the event is canceled due to EF’s fault. Tickets-receipts for services that have been lost, stolen or damaged are not covered.
  6. In case of loss or destruction of a ticket, the EF does not bear any responsibility and is not be obliged to replace it.
  7. If a Planetarium show is cancelled or if it is not possible to visit the Science and Technology Centre due to reasons of force majeure, bad weather, strike, government prohibition, technical problems, etc., the EF reserves the right to modify the programme as well as the date and times of shows and visits. In this case tickets continue to be valid and are not refundable.
  8. The purchase of a ticket gives you the right to watch the show or to visit the Science and Technology Centre premises only on the condition that you accept and adhere to the operating rules of the venue.
  9. You may not enter the Planetarium screening room after the start of the show or enter the Science and Technology Centre after the scheduled time of entry. Exception is made only for entry to the exhibition area of the Science and Technology Centre over weekends.
  10. Organized groups and schools that have pre-booked or purchased tickets must arrive at least half an hour before the start of the show.
  11. Adult accompaniment is required to permit admission to minors.
  12. Viewing of Planetarium shows is not recommended for children under five (5) years of age.
  13. The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Planetarium and in the Amphitheatre of the Science and Technology Centre.
  14. The use of audio-visual media (video recording, voice recording, photographing of Planetarium shows, presentations in the Amphitheatre of the Science and Technology Centre wholly or in part) is not allowed. The ticket owner accepts that the EF has the right to perform checks to this end.
  15. Visitors must take care of their personal belongings. The EF will not be held liable in the event of any losses.
  16. The purchase of the ticket does not allow the holder to receive any goods from the canteens without payment.
  17. Access to persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances is absolutely prohibited. Carriage of bottles, other dangerous objects or flammable materials is forbidden in all areas of the premises.
  18. Be informed that security cameras operate on the EF premises.
  19. Food and beverages are not allowed inside the Planetarium and the Science and Technology Centre.