The Eugenides Foundation, with a high sense of solidarity and contribution, taking into account the extraordinary needs that arose due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, decided to initially support our country’s Health, Education and Shipping industry with a donation of 450,000€.

Determined to substantially support the State in its fight against the pandemic, the Administration of the Eugenides Foundation offered this donation as a means to serve the needs in the sectors of Health and Education, in view of the extraordinary and critical conditions that our country has experienced.

The greatest part of the donation was used to finance the purchase of medical equipment for the needs of the 7th Pulmonary Clinic of the "Sotiria" Hospital and the 2nd Intensive Care Clinic of the “Attikon” University General Hospital. More specifically, the equipment donated to the "Sotiria" Hospital includes a modern bronchoscopy system specifically for COVID-19 patients, an endoscopic washing machine, an endoscopic drying and safe storage system, 30 electric hospital beds and 30 hospital bedside tables.

The donation to the 2nd Intensive Care Clinic of the "Attikon" University General Hospital includes an ultrasound scanner, specially designed for patients suffering from COVID-19, as well as an upgrade of the software of the EchoPAC external workstation.

The goal of the donation was the purchase of basic medical equipment, which will initially cover part of the current emergency needs, but which will eventually remain in hospitals, significantly improving the level of services provided in the future.  

Always guided by the goals of Eugene Eugenides, as described by the national benefactor in his will, the general “spirit” of which is summarized in the Foundation’s active contribution to the technical and vocational education of our country's youth, the Foundation also donated 2,000 tablets at the Ministry of Education and Religions.

These devices were allocated to students who did not have the financial means to participate equally in the program of distance learning and to become familiar with technology, which is nowadays an important need and priority.

In addition, the Eugenides Foundation donated to the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy 50 laptops, 22 digital systems for high definition audio and video transmission, and in collaboration with Microsoft undertook the creation of 4,800 Teams accounts for Faculty, for the needs of distance learning of the students of the country’s Merchant Marine Academies.

In his statement, the President of the Eugenides Foundation, Mr. Leonidas Dimitriades-Eugenides, thanked all the health professionals for their fight against the coronavirus, as well as the teachers who continue to stand by their students through distance learning.

At the same time, he noted that “for the past 60 years, the Eugenides Foundation has been standing by the citizens of our country and will continue to do so with a sense of responsibility and solidarity through its integrated educational programs, which have consistency and continuity. We move on, guided by the words of Eugene Eugenides: “My joy lies in the struggle, and I reserve the fruit of victory for my homeland.”

Finally, the Eugenides Foundation responded immediately to the call of the “SYN-ENOSIS” collective social service provider of the Union of Greek Shipowners, contributing to the supply of medical and technological equipment to support the hospital and medical units, their doctors and medical staff, for the confrontation of the pandemic.