Vocational education and training toolbox

Innovative tool for maritime education designing

Needs from education providers can vary greatly from each other and can change rapidly over time. For this reason, an innovative tool has been developed to design education and to ensure that education/training providers remain up to date on the course of changes taking place in the industry.

The Toolbox has been designed and developed to ensure relevance, transparency, and is a common standard of Educational Packages with flexibility to be applied in changing scenarios. It guides the process of how learning objectives are translated into learning outcomes relevant to the specific target group of learners, and how the learning outcomes drive the selection of appropriate teaching and assessment methods. It also offers suggestions on how to design lessons, e.g., using blended learning, simulators, etc. This allows education providers a practical and comprehensive way to develop, adapt or adjust courses to emerging or uncovered needs.

This template can be applied to all existing levels of maritime education as a stand-alone course or integrated into an educational programme, to cover the maritime professional at all levels of education, responding to the needs for flexible upskilling of existing skills or reskilling of new skills through Lifelong Learning.

The template is available here: