Equipped for Electronics, Coding, 3D Printing and Audiovisual.

The Lab is equipped with hardware and software for electronics, coding, 3D printing, photography, video, sound studio, DIY kits and software applications for pc and iPad.


The Lab has all the necessary electrical and electronic equipment for the realization of electronics workshops and experimental projects. The basic equipment consists of one welding station, multimeters, breadboards, electronic components such as LEDs, resistors, capacitors, switches, etc.

Moreover the Lab also offers:

Arduino Uno microcontroller boards
Arduino shields
Raspberry Pi
ATtiny  microcontrollers
Sensors (distance, light, sound, gas, temperature, etc.)

The equipment may be used by visitors under the guidance of the trained staff of the Eugenides Foundation.

3D Printing

The Lab has two 3D printers, one Ultimaker 2+ and one Makerbot Replicator 2x, as well as a Makerbot Digitizer 3D scanner. Ultimaker 2+ uses 2.85mm diameter PLA material, while Makerbot supports dual extrusion and uses 1.75mm diameter ABS material. The two 3D printers are used for educational purposes and experimental projects.

Objects are designed in a specialized modelling program, such as Tinkercad, Blender, Rhinoceros 5 and SketchUp. After the design is finalized, they are printed in one of our 3D printers.


Ultimaker 2+ 3D  printer
Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer
MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner
PLA and ABS 3D printing filament
Cutting board
Electronic soldering iron
Silicone gun
Cutters, pliers, screwdrivers

Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer

Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer
Photo Credits: UtechLab

DIY kits

The Lab is equipped with three Google AIY Voice Kits Version 2.0, as well as the educational platform Lego Mindstorms EV3. The platform is consisted of various components, such as bricks-joints, shafts, gears, electronic parts and software, which enable the construction and programming of an object’s motion. Some indicative examples of the platform’s use are at the “Little Architects” workshops for the purpose of creating a parklet and at the all-day summer camp titled “Tech Adventure” for the creation of an explorer’s figure.

Lego Mindstorms EV3 platform includes:

LEGO NXT EV3.0 Basic
LEGO NXT EV3 Expansion set
LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 software
LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 design projects
LEGO NXT transformer
EV3 infrared emitter
Infrared sensor


Photo Credits: UtechLab

Photography and video

The laboratory has professional equipment and software for video and image capture and editing. It can handle simple or even more complex productions. The green screen enables shooting and adding the background of your choice.

The laboratory has two Nikon cameras, five Sony cameras and 2 GoPro cameras. GoPro cameras are specialized for difficult, demanding shots and are highly weather-resistant, making them suited for extreme sports.


Nikon D5200 camera with 18-105 lens
Nikon D5200 camera with 1855 lens
Sony HDR-CX220 camera
Sony Nex VG30 camcorder
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camcorder
Equipment for green screen
Luminus LED green screen lights


Sound Studio


IMac i5 2.9 GHz computer
Mbox Pro Audio Interface audio card
Scarlett Solo Focusrite sound card
Analogue Mackie Onyx 1640i mixer with integrated sound card via Firewire
M-Audio keyboard controller
2 Focal CMS 40 speakers
Presonus Faderport DAW digital audio workstation controller
Presonus HP4 headphones mixer
2 Rode NT1A microphones
SHURE BRH440M headset and microphone
Pro Tools 11 software
Adobe CS5 software

Software and applications
Computer software

The Lab is equipped with the software programs Affinity Photo and Affiity Designer, as well as the Adobe Master SC6 Collection suite which includes the following programs: Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. The Laboratory’s iMac computers have audio and video editing applications installed, such as iMovie and iPhoto, Final Cut Pro X, Mac Caption and FxFactory, with the following plugins: SUGARfx Subtitles and e-Postprod Voice Over.

The Lab also has 3D design software programs such as Rhinoceros 5, Blender and SketchUp.

Software and applications

Software and applications

iPad Applications

The Laboratory’s iPads have software installed for the purposes of image and audio processing, augmented reality, coding etc. For example, some indicative applications are: Green Screen by Do ink, Swift Playgrounds, Stop Motion Studio Pro and Garage Band.

iPad applications

iPad applications
Photo Credits: Appstore