Created with the collaboration of the Eugenides Foundation and the U.S. Embassy in Athens

In 2011 the Eugenides Foundation Library conducted research where the respondents, visitors of the Library, expressed their great desire for computer specialized programs and other new programs related to technology. As a follow up of this research, the Foundation staff proposed the establishment of a New Technologies Laboratory within the Eugenides Foundation.

At the same time, the U.S. Embassy in Athens expressed their interest to create through their collaboration with the Eugenides Foundation, a dedicated space where young children could be brought closer to modern technologies. This idea was based on other existing American programmes, specifically the YOUMedia Teens Space Project of the Chicago Public Library and the Fabrication Lab Project [Fab Lab] of the MIT University in the U.S.A.

Thus, through the collaboration of the Eugenides Foundation and the U.S. Embassy in Athens, the idea of the UTech Lab was born.

The UTech Lab was established on the ground-floor of the Eugenides Foundation building in early 2014. In the early 2014 period, the Lab functioned on a trial basis. The laboratory became fully operational as of September 2014.

In the last four years, during the morning hours of the Lab operation, the implemented programs are dedicated to high school students, while in the afternoon hours individual students attend workshops. The Lab has hosted twice a robotics competition, has organized an Accessibility Hackathon and an educational visit to the National Technical University of Athens. The laboratory staff has also participated in science and technology events, such as the Athens Science Festival, the Athens Mini Maker Faire, the Cyprus Research Week and other events.