The Maritime Education and Training Network

SkillSea developed the MET-NET to promote structural cooperation for the first time at European Union/European Economic Area (EEA) level, and as a wider forum for Maritime Education and Training (MET) providers, including content providers, to cooperate with MET stakeholders.

Before the SkillSea initiative, there was no European mechanism, network, or forum for structural MET cooperation. Worldwide international associations of academic institutions involved in MET existed for decades, but there was not any provision for other cases of METs e.g. at EQF level 4 or EQF unclassified METs or for content providers, who were  part of those associations. The SkillSea answer to this gap is the Maritime Education and Training Network (MET-NET), one body for cooperation within European MET across EQF levels and beyond. Making effective use of the strength, geographical reach, and range of the project consortium, SkillSea established the MET-NET  firstly through its relevant partners  as a pioneer structural cooperation initiative at EEA level, and as a wider forum for METs to cooperate with their stakeholders in the proposed European Maritime Skills Forum E-MSF with the MET-NET network  open to all maritime education and training providers.

MET-NET was launched on May 31, 2023, in Brussels during the closing conference of SkillSea, the pan-European project for future-proof skills in maritime transport, funded by Europe's Erasmus+ programme. Within SkillSea, a set of educational packages was produced, including a toolbox to develop more educational material. MET-NET is one of the main project outcomes to strengthen the developed strategy for sustainable futureproof  skills.

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