Publications Committee

From 1956 to today

The Publications Committee monitors every stage of the writing and publishing of books, in close cooperation with the ministries or organizations that oversee the schools for which each work is intended.

The entire process for the production of every book – content accuracy checked by scientific advisers, experts in their respective fields, editing and vetting in collaboration with the writers and so on – is under the exclusive control of the Committee.

Following a ministerial decision the directors of technical and maritime education, members of the Pedagogical Institute (renamed the Institute of Educational Policy), general managers and other staff of the appropriate ministries participate in the Committee, depending on the issues that are discussed each time.

The Foundation’s Publications Committee was established in 1956 with the aim of drafting curricula for technical subjects, as well as finding suitable authors to write the textbooks.

The members of the first Publications Committee of the Eugenides Foundation (1956) 

- A. I. Pappas, NTUA professor, President
- G. Th. Kakridis, NTUA professor, Vice-President
- H. F. Kavounidis, Technical Director of OTE [Telecommunications Company]
- M. Spetseris, Director of Vocational Training, Ministry for Industry
- A. N. Kalogeras, NTUA professor, Scientific Advisor
- D. G. Nianias, PhD, Editorial Advisor
- D. P. Megaritis, Committee Secretary