Rules of Operation

Visitors to the Library have open access to its bookstacks, other material and its reading rooms

Use of the EF Library is free for everyone. Visitors have access to the bookstacks and other material, printed or digital, and may use the reading rooms.

The Library also provides the opportunity to all its members to borrow its books and materials. Any interested person may become a member of the Library by enrolling in its members’ register and accepting its rules of operation.


Members’ Obligations

When entering the Library, readers must show their membership card, ID card or passport, complete the entry–exit form and place their bags in special lockers.

Library users have the obligation to take good care of printed and non-printed material, keep the premises clean and ensure that they maintain the quietness in the reading rooms.

Also, for the Library’s proper functioning, readers must not try to reposition books and periodicals on the shelves, but should leave them on the reading-room tables.

The consumption of food and beverages or use of mobile phones is not allowed anywhere in the Library’s premises. Any such activity should take place in the café located on the ground floor of the building complex.

Smoking is forbidden throughout the Eugenides Foundation premises.

Computer Use

The computers installed in the Library provide free access to the Internet through the EugenWiFi wireless network. Interested parties may visit various databases and such programs as Text Editor, Spreadsheet, Presentation Creator, Database Design software and Formula Editor.

In addition to the computers provided, visitors may also use their own laptops to connect to the free Wi-Fi network throughout the premises of the Library.

It should be understood that use of the EugenWiFi network services implies acceptance of the terms of agreement posted on the notice boards.

It is forbidden to install programs or modify settings on Library computers. Files downloaded from the Internet may be stored only on users’ own flash disks.

Member Registration

In order to become a member of the Library, the applicant must accept its regulations and complete his/her personal ID details on the special form provided. A two-year membership card is then issued.

After the expiration of the card, the applicant updates its details, while the Eugenides Foundation may inform him/her in writing or by telephone of the expiration of the card. Accuracy of personal data is the responsibility of the member, and the Eugenides Foundation bears no responsibility regarding the data submitted. In the event that a membership card is not renewed, personal data will be retained in the Foundation’s archive for historical and statistical reasons without being processed in any way.

The Eugenides Foundation absolutely respects privacy and takes all necessary technical and organizational measures in order to comply with the requirements of personal data protection legislation.

The applicant retains all the rights deriving from personal data protection legislation [GPDR] (access, rectification, erasure, objection, data portability, etc.) and especially the right to request explanations on the processing of their data by addressing queries to the Eugenides Foundation (387 Syngrou Avenue, Paleo Faliro, Athens 17564) or via e-mail to The Eugenides Foundation will make every effort to answer any such request within thirty (30) days and inform the applicant about its status in writing.  

For underage readers without identity papers, registration is possible upon presentation of the ID card or passport of a parent or guardian, who must complete the necessary application form.

Book Loans

The Eugenides Foundation Library is a lending library. Each member may borrow up to 2 books for a duration of 15 days. The loan period may be extended (by telephone) for an additional 15 days, unless another member has requested the specific books.

Periodicals, reference books (such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.), series volumes and rare publications are not loaned. Books that cannot be loaned bear a yellow mark on their spine.

In case a member is interested in a book that has already been loaned, it is possible to reserve priority for the following loan. When the book is returned to the Library, the interested member will be notified that it is available and should be collected within the next 3 working days. 

Members who fail to return books by the designated time without good reason are deprived of the right to borrow, after they have been notified.

If a book is lost or returned in poor condition (torn, soiled, wet pages), the borrower is obliged to replace it. In case the book is out of print, he/she will be required to provide the Library with another title on the same subject of corresponding value, according to the suggestion of the Library.


The Library possesses 2 photocopiers – printers that also function as scanners. Their operation requires a special card.

This card may be obtained from the Loan Office on the ground floor of the Library by paying the relevant amount.

Photocopying is allowed only for printed material belonging to the Library and is carried out in accordance with the restrictive terms of the Copyright Act (Law no. 2121/1993).