In addition to the technological equipment that has already been channeled to our schools by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the additional equipment gained through the NSRF, the private sector is also participating in the improvement of the equipment for the benefit of the educational community.

The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs thanks the donors, the Union of Greek Shipowners (through the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company “SYN-ENOSIS”) and the Eugenides Foundation, as well as the ΤΕΧΑΝ-ENVIPCO Group of Companies, the National Collective Alternative Management and Recycling System of Packaging Rewarding Recycling, EY Greece, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon and anonymous private donors, for donations that exceed 1 million euros in the first phase and that correspond to 9,000 tablets. This equipment is being transferred to more than 2,500 secondary education schools, which means to most the country's secondary school units.

This equipment is school property and will be available to students and / or teachers for temporary use,  in order to facilitate distance education and, in the longer term, to contribute to the improvement of students' digital skills. Priority will be given to supporting low income families, parent / guardian unemployment, single-parent families, families with three of more children, orphaned families, students with special learning difficulties or with excellent performance.

The exact number of devices per school is determined by the amount of donations, student population and the existing school equipment. Other significant donations will be announced in the next days and the Ministry aims to strengthen the equipment of all the secondary education schools of the country. The Ministry makes every effort to ensure that the improvement of primary schools and kindergartens as well as the Gymnasiums and Lyceums is also supported by NSRF funds, in addition to any further donations.

In their statements, Minister Niki Kerameos and Deputy Minister Sofia Zacharaki mentioned:

"We want to thank the donors who are actively supporting education during these difficult times. The technological equipment is already on its way to the schools to be at the disposal of students and teachers who need it during the distance learning period, based on the instructions of the Ministry. These donations are included in the Ministry’s actions and initiatives for the technological upgrade of our schools, which has already been initiated with NSRF funds. We are building step-by-step the schools we deserve, making the most of distance learning and creating the conditions for the further development of our students' digital skills."