“The Universe for All” is a series of educational courses aimed to teachers of elementary school and secondary education from the Attica region/Greece, that is launched on a pilot phase and is “signed” by great names around the globe such as: 

  1. Perimeter Inst Canada
  2. Εuropean Gravitational Observatory EGO
  3. National Technical University of Athens, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  4. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Physics Department
  5. Harokopio University, School of Digital Technology
  6. National Observatory of Athens
  7. Eugenides Foundation
  8. Hill School
  9. 2nd Elementary School of Piraeus “Uruguay” 

The program is under the hospices of the Institute of Educational Policy of Greece.  During the program, scientists of the CMS experiment are invited and will participate.

To develop and implement the program entitled “The Universe for All”, which comprises a series of educational courses aimed to teachers of elementary school and secondary education, on three subjects:

  1. Getting acquainted with current theories in Physics through experimentation with simple material / Physics in everyday life.
  2. Modern technology, new scientific discoveries, scientific news.
  3. Getting acquainted with the big research centers in Greece and abroad (EGO, VIRGO, LIGO, CERN PERIMETER, National Observatory of Athens, etc.), and meeting some of the researchers.

Aims of the program:

  1. The inspiration and motivation of the teachers to convey the scientific way of thinking and the research culture to their students, functioning as role models and multiplicative factors within their local communities.
  2. The research, development and implementation of innovative and participative educational actions inside and outside classroom, through the designing of experiential experiments that are being adapted for the needs of the students.

 The program is addressed to: 

Physics teachers of the last two grades of elementary education (ideally teachers with a second degree in exact sciences or a Master’s degree in exact sciences or certified experience in activities relevant to Physics, exact sciences and digital skills of at least a 2nd degree, as well as excellent use of English).

Also, Physics teachers of secondary school and high school, as well as teachers of Information Technology who wish to acquire further expertise in experiments and modern Physics, and implement them to the relevant chapters of the syllabus. (Selection criterions include, among others, the teachers’ active role within their local communities, e.g. bloggers, participation to local public and municipal libraries, social actions, active educational on-line profile, in order to facilitate dispersion, etc).

Our ultimate goal is to finally benefit the students, through a well trained teacher.

Our vision is to propagate the notions of research and the scientific approach to public schools and students with limited or zero access to modern science.

The scientific team of the program consists of Stavros Katsanevas Professor at Paris IV,Director of the Εuropean Gravitational Observatory EGO, as well as Tina Nantsou, Physics Teacher, Scientific Collaborator at the University of Athens, Chryssa Sofianopoulou Assistant Professor at the Charopio University, and Nikos Trakkas Professor at the Technical National University of Athens. 

Number of participants/Selection:

For the Pilot phase: thirty (30) teachers from the elementary and secondary education are selected (who teach Physics at the last two grades of the elementary, secondary school, and high-school) from the Athens region ONLY.

The selection will be made by the scientific team of the program, based on the resumes submitted by the applicants on-line, and the criteria that will be determined. Find the online application here. 



Applications up to October 6, 2019
Announcement of the participants selected by October 18, 2019
Dates of operation:  November 2,3,9,10,23,24, 2019.