An introduction to fundamental concepts of physics, chemistry and biology for pupils.

This series of experiments will help 5th and 6th primary school pupils to familiarize themselves with the concept of energy, energy transformations and conservation of energy.

Pupils will explore different forms of energy and their applications, how energy is converted from one form to another and how it is transferred from one object to another.

Pupils will find out about the main energy sources used by living organisms and will examine the different nutrition practices and metabolic processes used by plant and animal organisms.

Topics covered

  1. Forms of energy (thermal, chemical, kinetic, potential, electric, magnetic, nuclear, gravitational).
  2. Energy transformations.
  3. Uses of energy.
  4. Renewable energy sources.
  5. Energy and living organisms.

Learning Objectives

Introduction to the concept of energy.
Demonstration of complex concepts in a simple, interesting and entertaining way.
Develop critical thinking.
Establish relationship between science and technology.
Recognise scientific and technological applications to everyday life.