Discover the function of the human biological systems!

How much energy is “trapped” inside a piece of candy, and how does it get released within our bodies? Why is our taste altered when we have a cold?

A series of selected experiments comes to shed light to these questions and help us explore the marvelous ways in which the human body works. Get introduced to some of the most important biological systems of the human body such as the circulatory, the respiratory, the digestive and the nervous system.

Observe some of their main functions and see how they work together by combining different concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Topics covered

  1. Digestive system.
  2. Respiratory system.
  3. Circulatory system.
  4. Nervous system (hearing, vision, taste).

Learning objectives

Introduction with the human anatomy and the main biological systems.
Demonstration of complex concepts in a simple, interesting and entertaining way.
Connection of scientific concepts and principles to everyday life.