Come and explore the world of programming through the Scratch environment, where with the help of programming blocks we can make unique games. In this series of 3 workshops, we will create our own platformer game. 

First, working in groups and having the help of our partner, using the design tools we will make our own levels, characters and animations. We will add items for the player to avoid, like traps, and items for the player to collect, like coins. We will then program the player to move and interact appropriately with the rest of the game objects, such as the target objects that will take them to the next level. Finally, each team will have the opportunity to publish and share their game with the others. 

Our goals? Through our character programming, we will learn about variables, operators, programming structures such as loop structure and control structure. We will enrich our design skills by creating our own models. And we will practice our algorithmic thinking through the list of commands that we will assign to our characters. Our tools? Of course, the programming blocks, our creativity and imagination. The result; Our very own platformer game!



The workshop is conducted in the Greek language.