Introduce yourself to the world of science and modern technology through a journey of exploration, experimentation and observation. Two floors with 57 interactive exhibits are ready to take you through a journey across natural sciences.

The interactive exhibits offer people the opportunity to become familiar with Science and Technology and begin to gain some understanding by controlling laboratory apparatus and machinery.

Visitors of all ages can conduct experiments, gather data, select options, form conclusions, provide input and are thus given the opportunity to observe, explore and get a hands-on experience on basic scientific principles as well as up-to-date technological achievements.

Control the Physics hands-on exhibits and explore fundamental principles of mechanics and electromagnetism, experiment with sound and light, take advantage of renewable energy sources, generate electricity, see lightning strike before your eyes, visualize sound waves, observe the evolution of the universe.

Interact with Chemistry and Biology exhibits to familiarize yourself with the building blocks of matter and life, look through microscopes and “synthesize” DNA and other molecules.

Visit the Mathematics exhibits and fuel your imagination by solving mathematical puzzles and riddles; apply mathematical theorems, explore geometric and topological properties of surfaces and produce sine waves.

Observe robots in action, learn about computer evolution, build a fast computer piece by piece, decipher Caesar’s cipher, interact with robots by handling the Computer Science and Robotics exhibits.

Learning Objectives

-Familiarization with basic scientific principles and mathematical concepts.
-Introduction to modern scientific theories and new technologies.
-Demonstration of complex concepts in a simple, interesting and entertaining way.
-Connection of scientific and technological applications to everyday life.
-Enhanced learning by prediction (students predict the demonstration outcome before seeing it).
-Development of critical thinking.

Adult accompaniment is required to permit admission to minors.