The swan song of the Honorary Director of the Eugenides Planetarium Dionysios Simopoulos was to be the last unpublished musical work of the late and world-renowned composer Vangelis Papathanasiou. On the occasion of the New Digital Planetarium's 20th anniversary, this show looks back on its previous productions, with unreleased music by Vangelis and narrated by Dionysios Simopoulos. A tribute to Science and Art by two creators whose friendship and mutual appreciation is more than evident in this work.

From our innate "need" as intelligent beings to explore the Universe to our effort in deciphering the secrets of the stars, and from the birth of the Solar System to the emergence of life on Earth, this show is ultimately an exciting journey of discovery that leads to the following simple conclusion: "we really are all stardust, and someday we will return to the stars".