Now it’s your turn to learn how we can make our environment more sustainable

- What is the greenhouse effect and how it affects the climate change?

- Which human activities contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions?

- How does driving a car affects the climate?

- How can all types of transportation (vehicles, trains, airplanes, and ships) reduce the greenhouse gas emissions?

- Are we capable to reverse the climate change?

These are some of the questions that students are asked to explore in the new workshop developed by the Library and the UTech Lab of the Eugenides Foundation. It is a program full of discoveries for the whole classroom.

School students are divided into small groups and are asked to provide the answers to the above questions through studying print and digital sources. They are trained in finding the appropriate ways to search for and locate information. Based on their research, they create audiovisual material in the form of podcasts and infographics and at the final stage they present their creations.

The workshop is conducted in the Greek language.