“Hi human. I am EugenBoT, the digital assistant of Eugenides Foundation. How can I help you?” 

Did you receive a similar message, when you visited a website or a social media page in the past? Then, you surely interacted with a chatbot. 

But what is a chatbot? 

A Chatbot is a digital assistant, a software which understands natural human language and simulates human conversation. It chats with users, in written form or verbally, and it runs simple, automated tasks. Chatbots are described as future apps and their use is rising drastically, as many organizations develop their own conversational agent. 

In this workshop, we will create our own functional chatbot using the Dialogflow platform. We will talk about natural language understanding (NLU), artificial intelligence and conversational flows. We will train our app to identify what the user asks for and respond accordingly. We will design a full conversational flow and we will run many entertaining tests. Finally, we will explain how we can integrate our chatbot to an external communication channel, such as Facebook messenger. 

No previous experience in programming is required to participate. We will build our bot, following steps, during which we will learn basic terms, such as intents, entities, parameters, contexts, and events. 

The workshop is conducted in the Greek language.  

Αdditonal Material:

Build your first ML integrated ChatBot on DialogFlow. <https://towardsdatascience.com/build-your-first-ml-integrated-chatbot-on-dialogflow-7543bf768619>

How To Create A Chatbot With Google Dialogflow. <https://cobusgreyling.medium.com/how-to-create-a-chatbot-with-google-dialogflow-60616c2b802f>

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Build an agent from scratch using best practices. <https://cloud.google.com/dialogflow/es/docs/tutorials/build-an-agent>